Producing 300 kilograms daily

Derelok district welcomes a terebinth coffee factory

DUHOK, December 2  — Derelok district hosts its inaugural terebinth coffee factory, marking a significant venture into this unique industry.

The factory, owned by Kamil Rekani, in collaboration with a partner, achieves a daily production of over 300 kilograms of terebinth coffee, priced at 12,000 dinars per kilogram. Speaking to 964, Rekani shared insights into the year-long collaborative effort to establish the factory, emphasizing its export operations with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

The process of making the coffee unfolds across six stages, with the total cost of building the factory amounting to approximately $130,000. The primary source of terebinth coffee beans lies in the Zebari, Sheladze, and Barzan regions, as detailed by the factory’s owner.

Rekani highlighted the surging demand for their product, noting that on certain days, the factory prepares between 500 to 650 kilograms of terebinth or Qazwan coffee to meet the enthusiastic market appetite.