Crafted from stone

Hawraman nut statue for Tawela district unveiling

HALABJA, December 2 — Halabja Municipalities Directorate transforms local nut into artistic statue in Tawela District.

A symbolic representation of the renowned Hawraman nut in Halabja is taking a unique form as the Municipalities Directorate transforms it into a stone statue, set to be unveiled in the Tawela district. Salam Abdulqadir, the head of the environment and services department at Halabja Municipalities, shared with 964 that the concept for this distinctive statue originated from the director general of Halabja municipalities. The allocated budget for its construction is managed by the municipalities.

Abdulqadir said, “The statue has been completed and is now positioned in its designated installation site.” Crafted from stone, the statue serves as a tribute to the historical significance of the Hawraman nut. The unveiling ceremony for this distinctive sculpture is imminent, marking a noteworthy addition to the local cultural and artistic landscape.