Birds, squirrels, and eagles released into the wild

Nearly 400 birds and wild animals set free in Rawanduz thanks to generous benefactor

SORAN, November 30 — Approximately 400 birds and wild animals, including rare species, were rescued from hunters in Erbil’s Soran district and subsequently released on the slopes of Hindren Mountain in Rawanduz, as reported by the local environmental office.

Hazhar Mahir, the Director of Environment in Soran, informed 964 that a generous donor, contributing close to $5,000, purchased 300 birds, 80 squirrels, and various eagles from hunters and bird sellers. These animals were then handed over to the Soran Forest and Environment Police for release.

The collection of rescued wildlife included the rare East Asian eagle, which was among those set free.

Mahir, emphasizing the decline in the population of wild animals and birds each year, urged citizens to refrain from hunting and encouraged collective efforts to provide food, particularly during winter, to support local fauna.