Annual production in Kurdistan region’s fisheries grows to 8,000 tons

ERBIL, July 30 — The Fishery Resources Association in Kurdistan revealed the existence of 4,000 fish farms in the region, producing 8,000 tons of fish annually, with plans to establish new ponds to enhance this wealth and achieve a self-sufficiency target of 12,000 tons per year.

The increasing demand for fish in the Kurdistan Region has driven traders to establish new fish farms, and according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in the region, only 412 ponds have been licensed so far.

Salah Majid, the head of the Fishery Resources Development Association in Kurdistan, told 964 Network:
“There are 4,000 fish farming ponds in the region, of which only 412 are licensed. With proper attention to fishery resources, we can exceed the level of self-sufficiency.”

“It is important to build closed fish ponds and create markets for the product, in addition to open courses to develop skills in dealing with fish,” he added.

Currently, the region produces approximately 8,000 tons of fish annually, while the self-sufficiency target requires more than 12,000 tons.