Unlike previous years

Optimistic wheat season in Al-Qaim as heavy rains boost crop growth

ANBAR, November 19 — Farmers in Al-Qaim anticipate a bountiful wheat season as heavy rains coincide with the first day of sowing the seeds. Sprouts emerged within just 10 days, unlike previous years.

The abundant rainfall created floods in the deserts of Al-Qaim, accelerating wheat growth without relying on central irrigation or using fertilizers to stimulate wheat spike growth. Weather forecasts predict another wave of rain in the coming days.

Adnan Hamed, a farmer, told Network 964:

“The season looks promising, and the seeds is growing faster than expected, thanks to God first and then the rains that nourished the desert lands in the Al-Qaim district.

Rain revitalizes crops and eliminates the need for fertilizer, and we expect a plentiful harvest this year.”

Emad Walid, owner of an agricultural office, told Network 964:

“Farmers prefer planting ‘Dijlah wheat,’ free from impurities and barley, with 100% purity.

Increased demand for this type of wheat seeds has led to a shortage in the market, urging the call for larger supplies.

The price per ton of ‘Dijlah wheat’ is $700.”