Public warning

Restricted access to mount Baranan for 30 days to protect wildlife

SULAYMANIYAH, November 19 — The administration of Derbendikhan, affiliated with Sulaymaniyah, has advised citizens against visiting Mount “Baranan” east of the city for 30 days. This precaution is taken to protect wildlife, especially during the peak season of wild goat movements in the area.

A statement from Derbendikhan administration translated by Network 964:

“From November 15 to December 15, in order to safeguard the natural wildlife and its well-being, particularly during the wild goat migration season, traffic to Mount Baranan and surrounding mountains is strictly prohibited. This restriction is implemented at the request of the Derbendikhan Forest Police, who constantly monitor Mount Baranan through patrols, surveillance cameras, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Violators will be brought to justice and punished accordingly.”