Top high schoolers give their peers advice on acing national exams

HADITHA, July 31 – Top students in Haditha gave advice to their peers on Saturday in an event to discuss the best ways to approach the Ministry of Education’s exams and showcase creativity in the field of technology.

During the 8th Annual Youth Forum titled “Our Past is Valuable, Our Present is Knowledge,” attendees listened to inspiring success stories from outstanding male and female students.

Ahlam Thaer and Ruqayah Sijal, two top-performing students, shared their approaches to achieving perfect scores in the Ministry exams, as they both achieved the top spot in the national exams for highschool students across Iraq.

The forum covered topics about early education and its impact on children, and also honored a number of creative, high-achieving students.

Sijal shared her insights with 964: “Students must organize their time and avoid allowing subjects to pile up. Avoiding fear is crucial. Spacing out the revision for each subject is vital for retention.”

Khattab Omar, a 2nd-year middle school student who secured the second position in programming projects nationwide, told 964: “I have participated in numerous competitions in Qatar, the UAE, Turkey, and Iraq. I have accomplished several projects in the field of artificial intelligence, including irrigation projects and high-specification alarm devices.”

He added: “Programming projects have enabled me to work with Arduino, Python language, and Micro:bit.”

The event showcased the talents and dedication of these exceptional students, providing valuable insights for their peers to follow.

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