Hundreds of flower types on display

[PHOTOS] Nasiriyah flower exhibition encourages locals to pick up gardening

NASIRIYAH, November 14 — A flower exhibition in Nasiriyah has added color to the city and piqued interest from locals in gardering.

The exhibition, which opened two days ago and runs for a total of 10 days, has guidance and information for residents on different species of flowers and how to care for home gardens.

Ahmed Zaid, supervisor of the exhibition, shared with 964, “The exhibition features hundreds of flowers, including daisies, roses, and royal tulips, with prices ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 dinars. We are offering a 20% discount and showcasing evergreen plants like Egyptian Acacia and Albizia.”

Hazem Mohammed, head of the local municipality’s landscaping division, said, “The Nasiriyah Municipality supports initiatives aimed at increasing green spaces and encourages citizens to acquire and cultivate plants in their homes. There is a project to establish an exhibition for nursery owners in Nasiriyah Park next March, where each will have a designated area for display, especially since the municipality houses three large nurseries producing thousands of plants annually.”