Officials aim to open up to 30 stores by end of 2024

Ministry of Trade to open modern supermarket outlets across Iraq

BAGHDAD, November 13 — The central government’s Ministry of Trade has announced it plans to rebuild and open supermarket outlets in Baghdad and a number of other governorates over the coming year, in an effort to provide basic foodstuffs and meat at competitive prices.

Ministry spokesperson, Muthanna Jabbar, said in an official statement, “Hundreds of food convoys have been dispatched to different districts, with the opening of seven 0utlets — three in Baghdad and four in other governorates. These outlets will sell goods at competitive and subsidized prices to achieve price stability in the markets.”

According to Jabbar, an additional seven outlets will be opened at the end of February next year, bringing the total to 14 stores.

He further noted, “The ministry has decided to open outlets in the central markets, which number nine in Baghdad…These include the Salhiya market and the Shaab district [market], as well as the central Al-Amil market, scheduled to open at the beginning of next year.”

The ministry aims to open a total of 30 markets across the country by 2024.