Club fined 50 million dinars for match melee

Duhok FC fan buys 10 million dinar ticket to offset club’s fine

DUHOK — In a display of extreme fan loyalty, Nuri Shikayi, a supporter of Duhok Football Club, has purchased a single match ticket for 10 million Iraqi dinars ($7,600) to aid the team facing financial penalties.

Shikayi’s act comes after the Iraqi Football Federation imposed a 50 million dinar ($38,000) penalty on Duhok FC due to fan and player misconduct during a March 31 match against Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

The federation also levied a two-game ban on spectators at Duhok’s home stadium, including a scheduled match against Karkh FC on April 14.

Following the announcement, Duhok’s fanbase launched a fundraising challenge, encouraging supporters to purchase tickets to help the club pay the penalties.

“I bought a ticket for 10 million dinars,” Shikayi told 964media. “We always support our club and will continue to do so.”

Regular tickets for Duhok FC matches typically cost 2,000 dinars ($1.53), with VIP options available for 25,000 dinars ($19).

Millet Jamal, a member of Duhok FC’s management team, echoed Shikayi’s sentiment and urged fans and celebrities to participate in the initiative. “So far, 75% of our tickets have been sold,” Jamal added.

Karwan Duski, a prominent fan leader, explained the strategy, saying, “Our goal is to lessen the financial burden of the sanctions. Ticket purchases are coming not only from locals but also from supporters outside Duhok and even abroad.”

The IFF Disciplinary Committee’s penalty stemmed from a chaotic match on March 31. Duhok emerged victorious 2-1, but the game saw spectator intrusion, player misconduct, and post-match violence.

The tense match was disrupted during stoppage time when fans rushed the field, pausing play for 12 minutes as spectators attacked Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya players, throwing bottles and engaging in physical altercations.

Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya goalkeeper Mohammed Hamid reportedly struck a fan who attempted to attack him from behind, while teammate and midfielder Humam Tariq kicked the same fan, intensifying the melee. Hamid was dismissed from the match.

Moises Lucas, a Duhok FC defender, was also dismissed from the field and received a 15 million dinar ($11,450) fine and two-match suspension for his role in the disruptions.

Duhok FC will play their next two home games behind closed doors as part of the punishment. Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya also faces a 30 million dinar ($22,900) penalty for their players’ involvement.