Expanding European connections

Iraqi ministry of transport resumes direct flights to Copenhagen

BAGHDAD, November 12 — In a statement received by Network 964, the Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday the resumption of direct flights to Copenhagen, following the opening of the Berlin route. The statement indicated that the flights include Baghdad and Najaf airports.

The ministry’s statement reads:

“Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Transport announces the resumption of direct passenger flights between Iraq and Denmark within the air route that includes Baghdad, Najaf, and Copenhagen, the second destination to Europe after Berlin, which was utilized by Iraqi Airways through joint operation.

The company’s management explained that the revival of this vital route is based on the directives of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Razzaq Muhaibis Al-Saadi, aiming to expand the company’s destinations in line with the desires of the passengers.

The Iraqi Airways schedule includes two flights per week, every Sunday and Wednesday, as part of an operational plan built on the basis of increasing demand in this sector.”