Some detainees were high-profile traffickers

Major drug trafficking operation nets 49 arrests in Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, November 9 — The Kurdistan Region’s Crime Prevention Directorate announced on Thursday the arrest of 49 individuals on charges of drug trafficking in a series of operations conducted over 20 days in Duhok, Soran, and Haji Omaran.

Arkan Omar, an officer in the Erbil Drug Enforcement Directorate, informed Network 964:

“The operations resulted in the seizure of 8,129 kilograms of opium, 2 kilograms of heroin, 1.68 kilograms of crystal meth, and a quantity of cannabis. Additionally, 229.5 kilograms of Captagon pills, around 1000 pills of Tramadol, Methadone, and Trifene were confiscated. Some detainees were high-profile traffickers and members of three international smuggling networks.

One of the activities was carried out in coordination with the Federal Government’s Drug Enforcement Directorate.”