Government to launch new website

Iraqi government undergoing four-stage digital transformation

BAGHDAD, October 31 — Iraq’s government is undertaking a four-stage digital transformation, beginning with the launch of an official website, according to a member of the government’s consulting team.

Mohammed Esmat outlined the initiative in an interview with the official government newspaper, Al-Sabah, emphasizing that security agencies would work to protect data from breaches.

Esmat stated, “The first phase is the launch of an official government website containing information about services, laws, and procedures, as well as providing government email addresses for citizen communication.” He added that the second phase would offer essential government services online, such as applications and official certificates, as well as providing an online platform for citizen complaints and suggestions.

He pointed out that the third phase would see the expansion of e-government services to include the health, education, and transportation sectors, as well as developing content management systems to update data and information. These developments would then be incorporated into the fourth phase to include the use of electronic signatures by the Ministry of Communications.

Esmat explained, “The fourth phase involves the creation of platforms for community participation to collect citizen opinions and guide government decisions, as well as openly publish government information and decisions on the website, and providing channels for communication with citizens through social media.”