Instructors were not medical doctors

Committee closes unlicensed cosmetic center in Kurdistan Region

ERBIL, October 29 — The government doctors’ union committee in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, closed a cosmetic center for offering courses on cosmetic procedures without official approvals and not having qualified staff. The committee emphasized that it is monitoring the market to uncover illegal practices with the help of the public.

The Erbil branch committee visited one of the centers and observed that it was conducting a course on cosmetic procedures without the required license. Later, the committee learned that the instructors were not medical doctors and were not qualified for this work.

Amanj Wafayi, from the union’s media office, stated to Network 964:

“Cosmetic centers should have licenses from the Doctors’ Union and the Ministry of Health to offer these courses, but this center does not have either.”

“We have a committee to investigate violations, and we are assisted by doctors and citizens, so we frequently discover illegal cases. We will take legal action against those responsible for the course to ensure they face appropriate consequences.”