PM meets with EU ambassador in Baghdad

Al-Sudani urges international action to halt Gaza conflict and deliver aid

BAGHDAD, October 28 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani called on the international community on Saturday to take responsible steps to stop the war in Gaza, urging for safe passage to deliver aid and relief to the Palestinian people.

A statement from Al-Sudani’s press office said the Prime Minister received European Union Ambassador to Iraq, Thomas Siller, for a meeting where the two leaders reviewed bilateral relations between Iraq and the European Union and discussed ways to enhance ties in a manner that serves mutual interests.

They also reportedly discussed recent developments in the region, particularly the continued attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip. Al-Sudani reaffirmed Iraq’s  position, calling on the international community and EU member states to take steps to halt the aggression, bombing, and targeting of civilians.

He also called for the opening of safe passages to deliver aid to Gaza and alleviate the dire conditions faced by the Palestinian people. Al-Sudani emphasized Iraq’s desire to further develop its relationship with the European Union and expand genuine partnerships in various developmental and economic sectors.

According to the statement, the European Union ambassador highlighted the growth in relations between Iraq and Europe during the first year of Al-Sudani’s government. He expressed the EU’s stance on the Palestinian issue, calling for an immediate ceasefire, the application of international law, and the opening of humanitarian passages for relief convoys.