40 km length

Kurdistan Region initiates major bicycle lane project on highway 120

ERBIL, October 23 — After temporarily suspending the project to assess the risks, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has decided to proceed with the implementation of the bicycle lane on the central island of Highway 120. They stated that it would be protected from cars and would provide electricity by solar for lighting and to power the national grid.

According to a statement from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), they have completed two technical testing phases for 100 meters of the lane and have finished 200 meters of the road.

The bicycle lane will be the longest in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, with no intersections or paths for cars and pedestrians.

The lane will be surrounded by barriers on both sides to protect cyclists from traffic accidents.

A pedestrian overpass will be built every 2 kilometers along the road to prevent people from entering and to avoid accidents.

160,000 trees will be planted along the path to increase green spaces and oxygen.

The project will generate 60 megawatts of electricity from solar panels that will power the project and be connected to the government’s grid.