At official prices

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) begins distributing white oil to citizens

ERBIL, October 18 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has commenced the distribution of white oil to its citizens, starting from highland and mountainous regions, at official prices. Nabez Abdulhamid, the Governor of Erbil, stated that distribution began in elevated areas such as Shaqlawa, Zakho, Garmian, and Soran.

This distribution is based on the ration cards and official pricing, ensuring a smooth allocation of the specified share to each household. He emphasized that the regional government and the Ministry of Natural Resources are committed to this effort.

Furthermore, he noted that governmental support for this commodity has increased since 2014 due to the financial crisis and challenging circumstances in the country. The Kurdistan Region received only 5 to 6 million liters during the past year, despite needing more than 100 million liters annually.

Hulkurd Sheikh Najib, the head of Soran Independent Administration, pointed out the issue they face with the insufficient availability of white oil, especially in mountainous areas where the winter period is longer than other regions.