From Baghdad

Kurdistan Region’s ministry of finance announces salary disbursement schedule and revenue disclosure

ERBIL, October 8 — The Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Region stated on Sunday that Baghdad would send the salaries for the month of August between the 20th and 25th of October. They also confirmed that they would disclose all their revenues for the past six months and the amount they would transfer to the federal government.

Hunar Jamal, Ministry’s Media Representative, during a press conference observed by Network 964, said:

“Baghdad will send the fourth installment of the loan for the salaries of the region’s employees between the 20th and 25th of October. Once the loan installment arrives, preparations will begin for distributing the salaries for the month of August.”

“Baghdad will send the funds as a loan for another two months, and they will arrive on time. After these two months, we will meet with Baghdad to reach an agreement regarding the salaries of the Kurdistan Region.”

Dr. Hawri Kamal, Financial Advisor of the Region, during the press conference, stated:

“Some media channels talking about revenues do not tell the truth. They talk about 320 billion, but they don’t mention that the amount doesn’t come in cash. Some goes to ministries, some to services, and some to advances, leaving a small amount.”

“We will announce all the revenues with exact figures next week, including revenues for the past six months and the amount we will pay to the federal government.”

Network 964 reported that this financial update comes after Baghdad disbursed 700 billion dinars in three installments as loans for the salaries of Kurdistan Region’s government employees for the month of July.