Majority of figthers concentrated in one region

Less than 500 ISIS fighters left in Iraq, says senior security official

BAGHDAD, September 28 — A senior security official has stated that Iraqi forces estimate no more than 500 ISIS fighters remain in the country, with a majority dispersed in areas close to the Kurdistan region’s borders near Kirkuk.

Spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji, confirmed in an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper that Iraqi forces have comprehensive information regarding the numbers and locations of ISIS elements in Iraq.

“ISIS in Iraq has lost its military capabilities and the ability to recruit new members,” Al-Khafaji said. “They are spread in areas between the borders of the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk, specifically in the valleys of Shaay and Zaitoon, as well as the regions of Mutaibija and the surroundings of Hawija.”

He added: “Military operations and precision airstrikes in these areas aim to eliminate any remaining ISIS cells. In recent times, significant security successes have been achieved, with the terrorist organization losing many of its prominent leaders. Military and intelligence efforts are intensifying to declare Iraq entirely free from the ISIS terrorist organization.”