New rules focus on individual safety

Kurdistan Ministry of Education issues guidelines for student transportation

ERBIL, September 21 — The Kurdistan region’s Ministry of Education released eight specific guidelines on Wednesday regarding the transportation of students using buses and taxis, including a ban on loud music in cars and prohibiting students from extending their hands out of vehicle windows.

A translation of the Ministry’s decision read as follows:

It is a traffic violation if buses or taxis carry more students than the allowed capacity.

Bus and taxi drivers who transport students must annually submit their vehicle registration, driver’s licenses, and information or national identification cards to educational institutions. Educational institutions will then forward these documents to the police. Failure to comply will result in drivers being prohibited from transporting students.

Schools and kindergartens should provide guidance and awareness to drivers transporting students, advising them not to allow students to extend their hands out of car windows or raise the car radio’s volume.
If any unethical behavior is committed against a student, in addition to the student’s guardian, we, as the Ministry, will file a complaint.

If educational institutions demand payments from vehicle owners for their services, vehicle owners cannot demand these payments from students’ families. If the Ministry becomes aware of such practices, both parties will be penalized.

Complaints can be submitted via WhatsApp and Viber at the following numbers: 07505103232 and 07505106262.