Thousands of liters seized

Two suspects arrested in Diwaniyah for smuggling oil products

DIWANIYAH, September 16 — Diwaniyah Police announced on Saturday the arrest of two individuals accused of smuggling oil derivatives in Al-Shanafiya district.

Authorities discovered the suspects were in possession of 37,000 liters of oil products and various weapons.

The directorate issued a statement, which said:

“Under the direct supervision of Brigadier General Abtan Mohammed Muttalik Al-Shibli, the commander of the Diwaniyah Police Department, a security force, in a qualitative operation, successfully arrested two individuals in the Al-Shanafiya district on charges of oil product smuggling. They were found in possession of an iron cylindrical tank containing 37,000 liters of locally-produced oil products, a 4-liter iron reservoir, a 1,000-liter iron oil tank containing oil products, and a 2,000-liter rectangular iron tank also holding oil products. Additionally, five plastic barrels were discovered, one of which contained oil products, as well as a motor. Immediate legal procedures were taken against them, and they will be interrogated for prosecution to receive their fair punishment.”