Temperatures reach above 50 Celsius

Iraqis endure scorching heat and persistent power outages

NEWSROOM – As Iraq grapples with soaring temperatures, citizens face ongoing power outages despite increased energy production. On Friday, the first day of summer, temperatures in eight Iraqi provinces surpassed 50 degrees Celsius, according to the Iraqi Meteorological Agency.

The southern provinces of Dhi Qar, Basra, Maysan, Wasit, and Al-Muthanna all recorded temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius. In contrast, Kurdistan Region’s provinces were cooler, with Duhok at 41 and Erbil at 44 degrees Celsius. The town of Haji Omaran in the mountainous areas bordering Iran experienced a low of 30 degrees Celsius.

High temperatures are expected to persist across the country in the coming days. Amid the intense summer heat, many regions suffer from ongoing electricity cuts. Despite high rates of electricity production this year, malfunctions continue to plague the distribution network.

Kirkuk remains the worst-affected area, with some regions receiving only five hours of public electricity supply compared to 20 hours of outages. Residents in Hawija, southwestern Kirkuk, experienced a regular pattern of three hours on, three hours off, similar to Nineveh province’s Rabia district. In Tuz Khurmatu, eastern Salah al-Din, conditions mirror those in Kirkuk, with outage durations exceeding supply periods.

In Baghdad’s suburbs, electricity was available for only six hours per day, forcing residents to rely on private neighborhood generators to cope with the blistering heat.