Cleanup covers four key tourist areas

Halabja collects 143 tons of litter during Eid holiday

HALABJA – The Halabja Environment Directorate reported collecting 143 tons of litter from four key tourist areas over the four-day Eid Al-Adha holiday.

Municipality employees from Tawela, Biyara, Awisar, and Halabja city conducted the cleanup. They collected 83 tons of litter from the Ahmad Awa and Zalm picnic areas and 29 tons from the Biyara picnic areas.

According to the Halabja Tourism Board, nearly 85,000 tourists visited the province’s tourist sites during the Eid holiday.

Littering in tourist sites remains a major concern in Kurdistan, with environmental activists and authorities urging visitors not to leave behind food remnants and plastic items.