Reported land dispute

One dead, several injured in altercation at Samakuli tourist hotspot

KOYA — A violent altercation in the Samakuli tourist area resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries. According to Dr. Nashet Ahmed of Shaheed Dr. Khalid Hospital in Koya, “Five injured individuals were brought to our hospital. One of them has died, and another is in critical condition.”

Hawkar Ali, a spokesperson for Koya’s health department, also confirmed the casualties to 964media. “Four injured people and one deceased were brought to Shaheed Dr. Khalid Hospital. The deceased was a 30-year-old family man,” Ali stated.

Ali further explained that the conflict involved family members who own shops in the area. “The altercation led to the incident,” he noted, adding that additional injured parties were yet to be transported to Koya.

This incident follows a June 4 clash in the New Erbil district that left two dead and six injured, after an armed confrontation over a land dispute erupted among local residents.

Authorities were present at the scene of the Samakuli incident, but they limited media access, citing the ongoing investigation. The disagreement reportedly centered around a project and land ownership.