Denied by health officials

Rumors of new coronavirus variant “EG5” in Al-Mashkhab

NAJAF, September 10 — Rumors of the new coronavirus variant “EG5” spreading in the city of Al-Mashkhab in the first week of September were circulating. This came alongside an increase in cases of seasonal influenza. However, the local health department has denied the circulating information.

After the rumors spread, activists called on the Al-Mashkhab Health Department to issue preventive instructions regarding the new variant.

Dr. Nahil Al-Muhanna, Director of Health in Al-Mashkhab, stated to Network 964:

“What has been rumored about the presence of the coronavirus variant ‘EG5’ in Al-Mashkhab is completely untrue. All the registered cases are seasonal influenza, and within one week, there have been 325 cases.”

“No cases of the new variant have been recorded in Iraq as a whole. It’s worth noting that public health laboratories are capable of diagnosing it through genetic sequencing.”

“The symptoms of the new variant are identical to those of previous coronavirus variants. Despite its absence so far, we advise the elderly and those with chronic illnesses to take precautions in advance.”