Explosions injure civil defense personnel

Fire rages uncontrolled at Majd Iraq Refinery

ERBIL – A fire at the Majd Iraq Company refinery on the Erbil-Gwer highway has been burning uncontrollably for over five hours, injuring several civil defense personnel. Officials report that extinguishing the blaze will take more time, without specifying an exact estimate.

The fire, which started at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, caused multiple explosions, including tanker blasts, with flames spreading rapidly. Nearly 40 firefighting teams are working to contain the fire. Water tankers have arrived to assist as the fire has spread to other storage areas.

The refinery, located five kilometers from the village of Jimka, processes petroleum products, houses crude oil, and manufactures oil barrels. Civil defense officials have stated that the cause of the fire is unknown. The blaze has caused significant damage, including the destruction of two civil defense vehicles.

Authorities have urged residents and media personnel to stay away from the area due to the risk of further explosions and the potential spread of the fire to nearby refineries and establishments.

Witnesses reported that residents of Jimka village are concerned about gas emissions from the refinery.