As part of cholera prevention efforts

Thousands of unfit dishes destroyed in Darbandikhan

SULAYMANIYAH, September 9 — On Thursday, the Darbandikhan Subdistrict Administration in southern Sulaymaniyah took action to combat the spread of cholera by disposing of thousands of unfit dishes and plates during an inspection of restaurants in the city.

A statement from the Darbandikhan Subdistrict Administration, as translated by Network 964, read:

“We fined several restaurants for using unfit dishes in food service. We destroyed 200 kilograms of faulty and broken restaurant dishes, along with 300 kilograms of expired food and beverages.”

Network 964:

The disposal of dishes and food items comes after the Minister of Health in Kurdistan announced the registration of 117 cholera cases in the region, emphasizing that contaminated water is the cause.