On international literacy day

Iraq’s ministry of oil launches literacy program

BAGHDAD, September 9 — On International Literacy Day, the Ministry of Oil announced on Friday the launch of an educational program to combat illiteracy. This initiative involves preparatory courses for workers in the oil sector.

A statement from the Ministry of Oil, received by Network 964, read:

“In commemoration of International Literacy Day, the Ministry of Oil supports the government’s efforts to combat illiteracy. The Training and Development Department has developed an educational curriculum for adult learners in the oil sector. This initiative is part of the government’s commitment to addressing illiteracy and is in line with the directives of Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani and under the supervision of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and the Minister of Oil, Mr. Hayan Abdul Ghani.

This day serves as an opportunity for governments, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to highlight improvements in literacy rates and consider the remaining challenges of literacy. Combatting illiteracy extends beyond teaching individuals the principles of reading and writing; it now includes efforts to enhance national policies to create a lifelong learning-friendly environment.

The Ministry of Oil reaffirms its steadfast commitment to continue its efforts to stimulate, encourage, and support adult literacy curricula through an ambitious educational program prepared by the Training and Development Department in coordination with the oil sector establishments, the Ministry of Education, and the Executive Office for Literacy. This program features a practical scientific curriculum that aligns with the government’s objectives.”