Suspects caught in the act

Criminals arrested after armed car robbery in Diwaniya

DIWANIYA, September 7 — The Diwaniya Crime Prevention Division successfully apprehended members of a crime ring on Thursday while they held a Kia pickup truck owner at gunpoint. The vehicle contained a sum of 6 million Iraqi dinars and $7,700.

A statement from the Diwaniya Police Media Office said:

General Abtan Mohammed Matlak Al-Shibli, the Chief of Diwaniya Police, revealed that two suspects involved in the robbery were arrested in the Albu Jassem area. He further explained that the Crime Prevention Division, under the supervision of the department’s director, along with several officers and personnel, managed to apprehend the two suspects within less than an hour of the incident.

The Chief of Police mentioned that the arrested individuals had confessed during the interrogation to the armed robbery of a Kia pickup truck in the Albu Jassem area. The suspects used a motorcycle as their means of transportation during the crime. Additionally, the stolen vehicle contained a sum of 6 million Iraqi dinars and $7,700. The stolen property, along with two firearms, drug-related paraphernalia, and a bag containing crystal methamphetamine, were recovered from the suspects. Their statements were legally confirmed, and they were referred to the competent court to face appropriate legal consequences.