'One of the best jobs in Iraq'

Iraqi navy officer urges youth to value maritime heritage

BASRA — In an interview with 964media, Y.B., an officer in the Iraqi Navy, expressed a fervent desire for Iraqi youth to recognize and value their country’s rich maritime heritage. His comments come amid growing interest in Iraq’s coastal regions, historically overlooked due to decades-long restrictions and associations with conflict.

“Our nation has a stunning coastline and captivating marine depths filled with secrets,” Y.B. stated, lamenting that despite Iraq’s diverse landscapes, the sea remains underappreciated. He noted that this might be due to Basra’s coastline having been a restricted military zone for many years.

Y.B. shares his experiences from near-daily sea voyages on social media, highlighting the Iraqi Navy’s role in combating piracy and safeguarding national waters. He described the most picturesque days as those starting with sunrise over the Gulf, accompanied by dolphins frolicking near naval ships.

Keeping his identity concealed for security reasons, Y.B., born in 1995 and a member of the Naval Force Command since his early twenties, has nurtured a passion for photographing and sharing daily naval life on Instagram. “Three years ago, I began my passion for photographing and sharing our daily life at sea,” he explained. His posts cover the routine challenges and surprises of inspection tours, drawing considerable positive feedback that fuels his commitment.

“The sea is a vast world, and we discover new secrets every day that make us more committed to our work,” Y.B. added, expressing his intent to create content that fosters a deeper public connection with Iraq’s waters. He faces challenges in filming due to his naval duties but remains motivated by the marine environment’s natural beauty and significance.

He especially finds joy in sailing at dawn, watching the sunrise and the dolphins’ acrobatics, which he describes as drawing positive energy.

As the Iraqi Navy seeks new recruits for its commercial and military branches, Y.B. encourages young Iraqis to consider a naval career. “When the Iraqi Navy opens applications, I advise young people to apply and get involved, as I consider it one of the best jobs in Iraq,” he said, hoping to inspire a new generation to explore and protect Iraq’s maritime assets.