Dukan Lake

Cause of mass gull death yet to be determined

NEWSROOM — Ten days ago, a mass death of gulls was reported at Dukan Lake, with thousands dying over three days. This prompted authorities to isolate the affected areas within the borders of Lake Dukan, Kosrat, Bingird, and Chwarqurna, which are home to the gulls.

Veterinary inspectors quickly collected samples and sent them to laboratories in Sulaymaniyah and Erbil for testing, but no results have been reported after ten days.

Saadi Tayeb, director of the Ranya Veterinary Department, told 964media, “We lack an advanced laboratory in Ranya. We sent the samples and are waiting.”

The picturesque Dukan Lake and its islands, known for their gull population, now face a significant environmental threat during the hatching season. Authorities have taken immediate segregation measures to protect healthy wildlife.

Regarding the delayed test results, Tayeb explained that sometimes retesting is necessary due to ambiguous cases, requiring more samples as diagnosing the disease is challenging.

964media pursued the test results and spoke with Dr. Bejan Ahmed Dzei, director of the Central Veterinary Laboratory in Erbil. He stated that the tests are ongoing and inconclusive.

“Preliminarily, people suspect avian influenza, but that’s not the case, and the tests continue,” Dr. Bejan said.

On the delayed results, the laboratory director stated, “Some diseases have implications for public health, livestock, and the region’s economy, so we must thoroughly test and rule out all doubts.”

Despite Dr. Bejan’s assurance that the disease is “not dangerous,” the announcement of the test results remains pending with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Other samples were sent to the Sulaymaniyah Veterinary Department. 964media contacted Dr. Ari, the department director, who stated, “The results are pending with the Ministry.”

964media has requested comment from Begard Talabani, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources.

Yesterday, a veterinary committee from Ranya collected 500 dead gulls from an affected island and scientifically incinerated and buried them, according to Tayeb.

A Baghdad veterinary committee arrived in Sulaymaniyah two days ago and conducted a field visit to the starling habitats to investigate and compile their findings.

Local authorities remain uncertain about the cause of the significant die-off affecting wildlife. However, the large number of deaths has endangered the survival of thousands of little gulls, chicks, and eggs.

Gulls are currently in their breeding season, sparking concerns for future numbers as a result of the deaths.

Mass gull deaths continue at Lake Dukan

Mass gull deaths continue at Lake Dukan

Mass gull deaths in Dukan Lake spark concerns for the bird species

Mass gull deaths in Dukan Lake spark concerns for the bird species