Weeklong trip

Jordanian delegation visits Kurdistan Region for academic collaboration

ERBIL — A delegation of 45 officials from Jordan’s Ministry of Higher Education has begun a weeklong visit to the Kurdistan Region to visit universities and promote collaboration between universities in the region and Jordan.

The visit, which started today in Erbil, includes the signing of a 16-point memorandum. The delegation includes high-ranking officials such as the secretary-general of higher education and representatives from 21 public and private universities.

Dr. Mohammed Hussein, head of the Quality Assurance Department at the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Higher Education, told 964media that the delegation aims to enhance university quality and facilitate scientific collaboration between both regions.

Dana Mohammed, head of relations at the Jordanian Consulate in Erbil, told 964media that about 15 Jordanian students currently study in the Kurdistan Region. The memorandum includes provisions for student exchange and academic research, aiming to build on previous collaborations.

Aram Mohammed Qadir, the Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Higher Education, emphasized the importance of the ninth cabinet’s focus on higher education. He said, “Advancing and developing educational institutions and academic organizations is one of our priorities because we want our universities and academic centers to be at the forefront of progress in this era and contribute to the development of our economic infrastructure.”

During the ceremony, Dr. Sabah Ibrahim, adviser to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Dr. Mamoun Mohammed Al-Dabaibi, secretary-general of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education, presented on ministry advancements in higher education. The visit also included the signing of an agreement between Dr. Qadir and Dr. Al-Dabaibi, outlining a strategic plan for academic collaboration.

The rest of the visit includes panels on various aspects of higher education in Jordan and the Kurdistan Region, focusing on quality assurance, academic research, internationalization, and using smart technologies in education. The delegation is scheduled to visit Salahaddin University tomorrow and then travel to Sulaymaniyah to discuss further academic collaboration.