Defence Industries Commission

Iraq to open first electric car factory

BAGHDAD — The Defence Industries Commission announced plans to launch Iraq’s first electric vehicle factory by the end of this year. The facility aims to produce environmentally friendly electric cars that meet global standards and includes setting up dedicated charging stations similar to traditional fuel stations.

Ali Mohsen Khudair, deputy manager of the company, told Al Sabaah newspaper that construction of Iraq’s first environmentally friendly electric vehicle factory is 70% complete. He confirmed that the factory is on track to open by year’s end, with production lines launching in phases.

Khudair revealed plans to equip security forces with these electric vehicles, which can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and will be outfitted with special electronic systems for police use, including advanced cameras for monitoring suspicious activities. Traffic versions of these vehicles will feature systems for tracking traffic violations and accidents. As part of a trial production, one vehicle will be gifted to each unit, and there is an order in place to produce 1,000 vehicles for these security devices.

Khudair explained that the decision to establish the electric vehicle factory was inspired by the public’s interest in affordable transportation options like “Sotuta” and “Tuk-Tuk,” despite their lack of modern features. “This led the company to explore the production of a locally manufactured car with international standards but at low costs. The proposed electric cars will include air conditioning, seat four people, and be environmentally friendly,” Khudair stated.

Khudair also disclosed plans to construct dedicated electric charging stations, similar to fuel stations, in collaboration with the Ministries of Transport and Oil.

Last October, Baghdad Gateway, a residential complex in Baghdad, introduced the city’s first fast charging station for electric vehicles. Located near the parking area, the charging station is freely available to all residents.