Local authorities pledge compensation

Sulayman Beg area residents grapple with ongoing power outage during Eid al-Fitr

TUZ KHURMATU – Residents of the Sulayman Beg sub-district and approximately 10 nearby villages in Salah ad Din province have endured a power outage for the past two days, officials confirmed.

The disruption stems from severed electrical cables, with ongoing efforts to rectify the situation. According to the local electricity department, heavy winds and rainfall are responsible for the damaged infrastructure.

Fazil Abbas Imamli, the electricity director of Tuz Khurmatu, which includes Sulayman Beg, told 964media that the region’s electrical transmission networks have incurred extensive damage. Repair teams are actively working to locate and mend the cuts swiftly, he added.

Imamli emphasized that repair efforts commenced this morning, with electricity department teams dispatched to identify and fix the damages. The initiative is expected to persist until power is fully restored.

Highlighting the aging infrastructure in Sulayman Beg and adjacent  villages, the manager outlined plans for a comprehensive renewal and updating process starting in May. This initiative aims to address the deteriorating condition of old and breakage-prone cables and towers.

Imamli appealed to residents for patience, assuring them that the electricity issue would be resolved soon. He also pledged to provide compensation for the inconvenience caused by the outage during Eid- al-Fitr celebrations.