Part of Penjwen Learning City project

Sulaymaniyah village distributes 300 saplings for Eid

SAID SADIQ — In a unique celebration of Eid al-Fitr, the village council of Gameshtapa near the Said Sadiq district of Sulaymaniyah prepared 300 saplings and flowers to distribute among residents and visitors.

This initiative is part of the broader Penjwen Learning City project, monitored by UNESCO.

Nizar Asad, a council member, told 964media that the effort aims to enhance the local environment and expand green spaces across Kurdistan.

“Our goal is to significantly green our village and Kurdistan, which will have profound long-term environmental impacts. We plan to continue and expand these efforts for future projects,” he said.

As a tradition in various parts of the Kurdistan region during the Eid celebrations, residents offer sweets, chocolates, and cold beverages to guests, along with money gifts to children, making Eid a special occasion for cherishing community bonds. This year, villagers also presented flowers and saplings.

The council also plans to distribute an additional 300 saplings during the upcoming Eid al-Adha.

Hars Qader, a local resident, told 964media, “It’s everyone’s duty to serve the environment. Today, as we celebrate Eid, we not only share chocolates but also plants and flowers.”

The initiative is a continuation of the City Learning project that began about a year ago in the Penjwen district, aiming to replicate similar environmental efforts in other areas, including Said Sadiq.

As part of a weeklong environmental cleanup campaign last December, the Gameshtapa village also undertook repairs and renovations of their main roads.

The Learning City project is supervised by UNESCO and has been implemented in 76 countries worldwide, encompassing nearly 292 cities.

UNESCO defines learning cities as “effectively mobilizing resources in every sector to promote inclusive and quality learning, from basic to higher education. They revitalize learning in families and communities, facilitate learning for and in the workplace, and extend the use of modern learning technologies.”

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