To mark Ramadan

Basra’s city municipality hosts flower exhibition

BASRA – The Parks Department of Basra’s city municipality, located in the northern part of the city, has organized a flower exhibition at Al-Zahraa Park, officials said the event was held in respect for those fasting and as part of the spiritual ambiance of Ramadan.

Athir Al-Hajjaj, the city’s municipal director, said the event was designed to please those fasting during the holy month.

“We held this exhibition to delight the fasting individuals and to celebrate Ramadan. It featured 35,000 flowers, with Geraniums, Petunias, and Cabbages being prominent,” Al-Hajjaj told 964media.

The exhibition was artistically arranged into panels, forming shapes such as the crescent moon of Ramadan, lanterns, and other motifs.

The local community showed great enthusiasm for the exhibition, with heavy footfall in the evening after locals broke Ramadan fasts. All displayed flowers were grown in the municipality’s nurseries.