Zain Iraq and Asia Cell likely targets

Iraqi Parliament to address telecom debts

BAGHDAD –  Member of the Iraqi Parliament’s Transportation and Communications Committee, Aqeel Al-Fatlawi, has disclosed ongoing efforts to address outstanding debts owed by major telecom giants “Zain Iraq” and “Asia Cell.”

Al-Fatlawi said the authorities were determined to hold accountable both the companies and those state employees who have failed to pursue these outstanding debts.

In an exclusive interview with the Iraqi official newspaper Al-Sabah Daily, monitored by 964media, Al-Fatlawi revealed that, drawing upon special reports prepared by the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), several MPs are gearing up to scrutinize the operations and financial liabilities of mobile phone companies operating within Iraq.

He emphasized that the parliamentary committee will also address issues pertaining to the provision of informational and telecommunication services to citizens, underscoring a commitment to robust oversight aimed at holding any negligent parties accountable.

Zain Iraq and Asia Cell are not the first telecom companies to be targeted. In a significant move last November, the CMC took action against Kurdistan-based telecommunications company Korek Telecom, blocking its ability to send and receive communications with other domestic and international carriers due to unresolved financial obligations.