Offering new hope for families

Tel Afar’s Al-Anwar institute welcomes children with special needs

TEL AFAR — The Al-Anwar Institute in Tel Afar, Nineveh, has started to accept children with additional needs, employing specialized staff and modern teaching methods in a pioneering move for the town.

The institute offers courses tailored for children experiencing speech delays, hearing impairments, ADHD, autism, and down syndrome.

Local unemployed educational graduates founded the institute in Tel Afar’s Al-Saad neighborhood. It provides personalized care, dedicating an hour to each child to meet their unique needs with learning techniques.

Abbas Falah, the institute’s director, spoke to 964media about the establishment of a special education department at the Al-Anwar Institute. “We’ve created a department for children with hearing, speech, and motor disorders, as well as autism and Down syndrome,” Falah said. “We invite children of all ages and have a dedicated staff using contemporary educational and recreational tools tailored to the children’s needs.”

The institute encourages families of children with any special needs to enroll their children. It caters to a wide range of conditions, including children with cochlear implants to address hearing loss and those with mobility challenges.

Children who require specialized teaching or accomodations often struggle in the public school system.