By local philanthropists and authorities

Free meals provided daily to 700 Duhok flood victims

DUHOK – Local authorities and philanthropists in Duhok are teaming up to provide daily meals free of charge to 700 individuals affected by recent floods that hit the province.

Khairy Ali, the General Director of Duhok Tourism, told 964media that all flood victims have been accommodated in 11 hotels, where their daily needs, including meals, are being addressed.

“Three meals a day are offered to them without any charge. However, lunch is specifically for children and those who are unable to fast, but in the evening, everyone gets dinner,” Ali said.

These meal provisions are a joint effort between philanthropists and the Duhok Directorate of Migration.

According to the General Director of Duhok Tourism, one philanthropist has taken responsibility for providing meals for 500 of the affected individuals.

The 700 individuals, comprising various families, were rendered homeless by the recent floods in Duhok and have since been housed in local hotels.

Additionally, as part of the initial phase of compensation for those affected, 117 shelters were distributed among the flood victims yesterday.

The devastating rainstorm that struck Duhok on March 19 resulted in over 200mm of rainfall within 48 hours. As a result, numerous fatalities occurred, and dozens of homes sustained damage, according to local authorities.