Discussing elections and Iraq developments

KDP President Barzani meets with Italian ambassador

ERBIL – The Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) leader, Masoud Barzani, told the Italian Ambassador to Iraq, Maurizio Greganti, that his party’s withdrawal from the Kurdistan parliamentary elections was aimed at strengthening democracy and fostering a more stable Iraq in line with the 2005 Iraqi Constitution.

During their meeting in Erbil’s Salahaddin township on March 19, Barzani and Greganti discussed recent political developments and the KDP’s decision to boycott local elections, as stated by Barzani’s Headquarters and reported by 964media.

The KDP has criticized a recent ruling by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court regarding the Kurdistan elections, which abolished minority representation quotas. The party denounced the ruling as unconstitutional and suggested it was “imposed from the outside,” likely alluding to factions aligned with Iran within Iraq.

During the meeting, Barzani and Greganti underscored the importance of upholding the Kurdistan Region’s constitutional status and safeguarding the rights of its populace.

Greganti expressed comprehension of the situation, and both parties stressed commitment to seeking resolutions that will bolster democracy and the federal system.

He also extended congratulations to Barzani and the Kurdish people on the occasion of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year.

In bombshell statement, KDP announces boycott of upcoming elections

In bombshell statement, KDP announces boycott of upcoming elections