One day after KDP's boycott

PUK calls for holding Kurdistan elections on time

SULAYMANIYAH – The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) called for adhering to the scheduled Kurdistan Parliament elections without delay, saying that elections are vital for renewing the democratic process and ensuring governance legitimacy in Kurdistan.

In a statement obtained by 964media, the PUK’s politburo announced that the party’s leadership, chaired by President Bafel Talabani, convened on March 19 to discuss preparations for the forthcoming Kurdistan Parliament elections scheduled for June 10, 2024.

Warning against any deviation from the election timeline, the PUK cautioned that such a failure would constitute a regression from the democratic path and raise doubts about the legitimacy of Kurdistan Region’s institutions.

The PUK’s stance follows a decision by its rival, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), to abstain from participating in the local elections. The KDP cited the Federal Supreme Court’s recent amendment of Kurdistan elections law as “unconstitutional.”

The KDP’s statement has brought uncertainty regarding the elections’ feasibility.

In response, the PUK’s politburo emphasized that any deviation from the announced election date would signify a “setback in Kurdistan’s democratic journey,” stressing the significance of “free, fair, and transparent parliamentary elections” in maintaining Kurdistan’s legitimacy and resolving issues with Baghdad, particularly concerning salaries and citizens’ livelihoods.

The PUK also urged the preservation of the Kurdistan Region’s entity, highlighting its significance as a result of Kurdish sacrifices.

It said that this entailed the democratic transfer of power to enhance Kurdistan’s “respect and credibility” on the international stage.

Additionally, the PUK called for expedited salary distributions for Kurdistan’s citizens. Kurdistan’s civil servants, pensioners, and social welfare recipients have yet to receive their February dues.

The Iraqi government announced on March 19 that it would provide the necessary funds for the Kurdish authorities to fulfill their payroll obligations.

In bombshell statement, KDP announces boycott of upcoming elections

In bombshell statement, KDP announces boycott of upcoming elections