126 cooling warehouses

Duhok’s potato production surges by 70%

DUHOK, August 27 —  Duhok’s Agriculture Directorate has announced the success of its investment plan to establish 126 cooling warehouses that are now in service for storing potato crops.

This initiative comes as the region achieves self-sufficiency and witnesses a 70% increase in production compared to previous years. The directorate’s estimations suggest that their potato crop “ranks first in Iraq in terms of quality.”

Ahmed Jameel – Director of Duhok Agriculture via Facebook, translated by Network 964:

“Potato production in Dohuk has risen by 70% this year compared to previous years.

The Kurdistan Regional Government supports farmers in selling their crops within and outside the region.

Over the past few years, 126 cooling warehouses have been constructed in Duhok for storing potatoes and other agricultural produce.

Duhok’s potatoes are known for their top quality, making them attractive to more traders in the market.

Potatoes are harvested in May every year, with some being sold in local and regional markets, and others stored in the warehouses.”

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