En route to filing legal complaint

Civilian, police officer wounded in Basra tribal dispute

BASRA — A security source reported on Sunday that two individuals, including a police officer, were injured in a shooting in the Al-Shafi area, north of Basra, despite being accompanied by a security force. The incident occurred as they were returning from the Al-Deir court after filing a legal complaint related to tribal threats.

The source informed 964media, “A group from the Al-Shafi area was returning from filing a complaint at the Al-Deir court accompanied by a security force when they came under fire from armed individuals near the Al-Shafi bridge in the center of the area.”

The armed attack resulted in one of the civilians, who had filed the complaint, sustaining serious injuries, along with a police officer from the escorting security detail.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the motive behind targeting the civilians was a tribal vendetta related to the legal complaint.

Following judicial orders, security forces conducted a search operation in the homes of the suspects and confiscated weapons from one of the residences.