Port management

Iraq launches Shanashil to support Basra oil sector

BASRA — Iraqi Oil Minister Hayan Abdul Ghani inaugurated the Shanashil vessel at Umm Qasr Port, highlighting its role in enhancing Iraq’s oil port management capabilities, particularly through the southern outlet.

Shanashil will serve Umm Qasr Port and extend its services to other ports in Basra, Al-Amaya, and Single Point Moorings, offering vital technical and engineering support for oil exports and commercial navigation in national and regional waters

During the ceremony, Abdul Ghani noted the Shanashil’s importance for sustaining and increasing export capacities at southern ports. The vessel, described as a “giant specialized crane barge,” is intended to support technical and maintenance operations at oil facilities.

The Shanashil, measuring 98.95 meters in length and 29.7 meters in width, is equipped with a variety of machinery, including cranes with capacities ranging from 50 to 600 tons. It is designed to accommodate 155 people and includes sleeping quarters for crew and technicians.

The vessel will operate at Umm Qasr Port and other locations in Basra, providing essential support for oil exports and commercial navigation.