Promoting environmental awareness

Volunteers organize eco-friendly camp in Samawah desert

SAMAWAH – Samawah Desert volunteers have launched an early spring camp to immerse attendees in the desert environment and foster discussions among youth from across Iraq on the impact of plastic use and sustainable alternatives.

Haider Al-Jawhar, a participant, told 964media, “The Fada’a [Space] camp, themed ‘Our Environment from Our Wilderness,’ is organized by the Green Space for Creativity and Development and the Life Leaders Warriors team. This two-day event is the second of its kind.”

The camp drew participants nationwide to brainstorm and discuss eco-friendly practices, emphasizing the reduction of plastic usage. Al-Jawhar said, “Through dialogue and brainstorming, we sought to generate ideas that integrate environmental conservation into everyday life and minimize plastic consumption.”

Attendees engaged in a variety of activities, including a desert movie screening, interactive youth events, football matches to build camaraderie, and music-enhanced enjoyment of the natural landscape.

Highlighting the commitment to environmental sustainability, Al-Jawhar noted, “We opted for burlap bags and cardboard utensils over plastic, pioneering steps for future endeavors.”

Hosted in Faidat Al-Saa amidst the desert, the camp featured a no-phone policy to encourage participation in hobbies, with reading and intellectual discussions proving popular in the tranquil desert setting.