Operations could start this week

Sulaymaniyah municipality explores partnership for local waste recycling

SULAYMANIYAH, August 22 — Sulaymaniyah’s municipality is considering a contract with a local company for waste collection and recycling, marking the city’s first large scale recycling project.

As part of the initiative, the contracted company would benefit from the proceeds of selling the recycled waste.

Karzan Talib, an engineer in the municipality’s waste department, told 964: “We are in contact with representatives and managers of Ecocem company to establish a working mechanism and enter a new phase of solid waste treatment.”

“The company’s factory will recycle Sulaymaniyah’s waste for free and subsequently sell it to other companies while retaining the profits,” Talib said. “The factory, located in the Tanjaro area, is ready for operation, pending approval from Sulaymaniyah Municipality.”

“A committee from the municipality is scheduled to visit the factory tomorrow. If the necessary equipment desired by the municipality is available, operations could commence by the end of this week.”