In a gesture recognising the city's resilience

Halabja survivor receives first car license plate by KRG PM Barzani

HALABJA — In a historic event that underscores the resilience of the city of Halabja, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani of the Kurdistan Regional Government presented the first car license plate featuring the Halabja symbol and the number 10000 to Omid Hama Ali Rashid. This significant act follows the Iraqi government’s recognition of Halabja as a governorate.

Omid Hama Ali Rashid, 50 years, has faced death and miraculously survived on three separate occasions. He survived bombings in 1974, chemical attacks 1988, and the Anfal campaign around the same time.  In an interview with 964media, Rashid expressed his joy upon learning he would receive the inaugural Halabja license plate. “I was overjoyed when I was told last night that I would receive the first license plate in Halabja,” Rashid said.

Rashid shared his remarkable survival stories, detailing the events that marked his life. In 1974, he survived a bombing that killed his mother and sisters. In 1988, he survived chemical weapon exposure during the Halabja bombing that claimed the lives of his stepmother’s children, and narrowly avoided death in a forced concentration camp during the Gulf War.

The designation of the number 23 for Halabja on the license plates is a poignant reminder of the city’s past sufferings and its journey toward recovery. Following Rashid, residents of Halabja will now be able to obtain car plates that symbolize their identity and resilience.