to address emergency cases

Young man establishes ambulance service in Shaqlawa

ERBIL, August 20 — A young man from the Shaqlawa community took the initiative to provide an ambulance for emergency cases in the town. He felt the necessity of having an ambulance to transport the deceased and handle urgent medical situations, especially after experiencing the delayed arrival of an ambulance from Erbil during his mother’s passing.

Haval Sheikh Wesan – Owner of the Ambulance:
“The ambulance is now ready and will be used exclusively for transporting deceased bodies until we acquire the necessary medical equipment for patient care.”

“With the intention of contributing to long-term charity work, about two months ago, my mother passed away due to the delayed ambulance from Erbil and the distance it had to cover. This incident made me realize the significance of having ambulances in Shaqlawa. As a result, I decided to take immediate action.”

“I asked the Shaqlawa hospital for assistance in equipping the ambulance with first aid supplies, but they haven’t responded to my request yet.”

“In the near future, I will also provide oxygen and a stretcher for the ambulance.”

“Anyone in the town of Shaqlawa in need of ambulance services can contact me directly at 07504129095.”