Weather disrupts local commerce

Heavy rain in Penjwen triggers landslide and bridge collapse

PENJWEN — A landslide triggered by recent heavy rainfall occurred in Charkh village, located in Penjwen district. A video sent to 964media showed the impact of the landslide on the area.

According to village resident Zarar Charkhi, a section of the hillside collapsed onto an animal husbandry shelter. However, the structure was not destroyed, and no harm came to the animals located inside.

Charkh village is situated within Penjwen’s Nalparez sub-district, bordering Choman district. Its residents primarily engage in livestock farming and agriculture.

Zana Rahman, Penjwen district commissioner, informed 964media, “We have been notified that a portion of a hill in Charkh village has collapsed, with the landslide causing loud sound. Cleanup efforts have been mobilized, at an estimated cost of around three million dinars.”

In response to questions about the damage caused by recent rains, Rahman said the only major incidents were the landslide in Charkh village and destruction of a bridge on the Seranben road along the border. “Measures have been taken for the bridge’s repair, requiring an estimated 100 million dinars, as it needs to be expanded and repaved,” Rahman added.

The bridge collapse temporarily halted commercial traffic in the area. Additionally, the road from Penjwen to Malekeway was shut due to snowfall, further impacting local connectivity and commerce.