Civil defense responds to calls for help

Floods wreak havoc in Akre and nearby areas

AKRE – Heavy rainfall on Wednesday triggered flash floods across Duhok governorate and nearby areas causing damage in Akre district and Girdegoran village, according to local authorities. Civil defense teams responded to emergency calls, rescuing livestock and people trapped inside vehicles and homes.

In Akre, homes were inundated and vehicles submerged, prompting immediate intervention by civil defense personnel. Fawaz Subhi, media officer for Akre’s civil defense, highlighted the challenges posed by the persistent rain, which resulted in multiple flood incidents.

Rescues took place in two homes in the village of Hassan and a third in central Akre, all under the jurisdiction of Rovia. Multiple drivers stuck in their vehicles were also saved from rising waters in the Keli Zanta and Qasrok areas.

A flash flood in Girdegoran village claimed the lives of 16 sheep. Civil defense teams managed to rescue 11 sheep before the floodwaters swept away the others. Ibrahim Farooq, Akre’s civil defense spokesperson, commended the swift action taken by his team to minimize the damage.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) issued a high alert for Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, anticipating further heavy rainfall and potential flooding. Additionally, individuals displaced by the floods in Duhok are being provided temporary accommodation in hotels, free of charge.